Washington, USA

The whole point of my flying is pleasure. Based at least the wing combinations I have tested, the REVO is much, much, much more pleasurable to fly. It responds immediately, precisely and with finger tip effort. It's really wonderful. Its beautiful. It FEELS sensational.

Glade Ross
REVO Owner

Talladega, USA

Thank you for your incredibly fast customer service. I recently damaged my REVO just a few days before the biggest fly-in of the year at my home base. I was sure I would be grounded during the big event. I had no idea that your parts department stocked so many parts! My parts shipped the same day I ordered it and I didn't miss any of the fun. Thanks again.

Lee Schmitt
Owner Revo 912S with Reflex Competition wing

Florida, USA

I made a really big mistake and flew the Revo. Now I want one....badly! It really opened my eyes to a whole other world of triking. It shattered a lot of my preconceived ideas based upon my very limited time in even remotely aerodynamic trikes. There were just so many things that blew me away.

The carriage looked awesome in person, which was expected, as was the comfort once strapped in (with Larry in the back). The first thing that blew me away was when I looked at the ASI and noticed we were trimmed at 82mph when it felt like maybe 50. I've done quite a bit of flying over the past 18 months, but was still wondering how it would feel to fly such a small wing (11M) on a heavy trike. It was surprisingly easy and with the windshield, I seriously felt like I was flying slowly in a stick trike except when I focused on the ground, it was rushing by. The wing had really light handling, great energy retention and with the aerodynamic carriage, it tracked like it was on rails. In all honesty, I had thought Larry and Abid were just speed junkies on the extreme edge of the spectrum, flying a wing so tiny that it just barely stayed airborne, but there was nothing extreme about it. It felt just as natural as all my other hours flying. The only difference is we covered so much more ground when I'd pull the bar in a bit and hit 100mph. The stall speed was high relatively but surprisingly docile.

I figured there was no way this little wing had much glide but when Larry called my Base, I thought there was no way we were going to reach the runway, as I'm used to dirty stick trikes with SS wings. I honestly can't compare this wing to other DS wings I've flown because I've flown them on stick trikes, so their glide ratio was obviously low. I was very impressed with this wing/carriage combo and Larry says he like the 13M wing even more. I'm used to having to pull the bar in to retain energy on my wings, but with this one, Larry told me to push out some on the approach and throughout the roundout the wing just kept flying. I don't know how much was the wing and how much was the carriage but the energy retention was amazing and like nothing I'd experienced before!

One of the things that I've always been drawn to about the Monsoon, and now the Revo, are the big tires. Since almost all of my flying is off of the beach, I use the same tires on my stick trikes. I knew the big tires provided additional suspension from my own experience, but the Revo is a freaking ATV when it comes to its front and rear suspension! After a few touch and goes, Larry had us land way short of the runway over a rough grassy area with whoops and a little kicker that launched us back onto the paved strip. It seriously felt like I was on a Motocross bike as it sucked up all the bumps.

I could go on and on but I think you get an idea of the emotion I felt after the test flight. What an impressive machine!
Dane HauserLee Schmitt

Baja, Mexico

Im sure you have worked hard Larry to get where you are,
It shows in your work and the design of your plane,
I just wished I hadnt thrown that 56k out the window before I ran across your plane.
Then I met your sidekick in crime (Scott Johnson) and he told me he was going to start selling Revos.
So I checked around and did my homework and everyone told me about you guys,
So I decided to buy the Revo and the rest is history.

Fred Brown
REVO Owner

Hawaii, USA

I got quite a few hours on the REVO, that thing was solid! ... I have never flown a trike that was able to go from 60 to 60so quickly before. It was hands down, the quickest trike I've ever flown - but landed surprisingly slow. And the solid handling made less than perfect conditions a breeze.

Matthew Robinson


Hi Larry, ...I had been flying my Revo, it is a big event to our people. The carriage is beautiful, shining like a super sports car. Flying in the air like a star ship. As to the structure and components, the Revo exceeds expectation in every respect, the agile handling and stability is wonderful and performance is over my expectation. Thanks a lot.


Venice, Florida

Thanks so much for intro to weight shift flying and the Revo Trike. I have been flying for 28 years. I am a Flight Instructor and up until now I thought that I had experienced all the really cool makes and models of aircraft.... then I got in the Revo! Wow!! What an experience! I cant wait to add weight shift privileges to my certificate. Thank you for taking so much time to explain the features and components of your product, the quality is unbelievable.

Michael Aiken


I served as a pilot in the Chinese Air Force for nine years. I had flown many aircraft, including the H-5 (Ilyushin -28 bombers), Illusion Il-28 bomber, CJ-6 trainer. I love to fly, so after I retired from the Air Force I continued my aviation career by flying many light sports aircraft, and I have an aerial videography / aerial photography business for TV stations, flight instructions, aerial sightseeing flights, and other services. I especially enjoy flying trikes, and I have flown many models of trikes, with total of more than 4000 hours on different trikes. I have learned about the extreme performance capabilities of the REVO through my friends at CASI Aero (the exclusive distributor of Evolution Trikes in China). CASI Aero arranged a special trip for me to go to Florida, United States to personally experience and test flight of this aircraft first hand. The flight test results on REVO well exceeded my expectations... The REVO's rapid and sensitive responses felt like flying a jet fighter in particular when coupled with the 11 meter Competition wing. It has the sensitivity and speed that no other trikes can campare to. The REVO's quality is also higher than the other models on the market. This was indeed a worthwhile trip. Now I can tell everyone they must fly the REVO to truly experience the quality of the REVO. I finally understand why the REVO received the Grand Champion LSA award and awards for three consecutive years at the Sun N' Fun Airshow.

Ding Lin
Tanarg owner


I wanted to report that I did get the fly the REV for the first time over the Labor Day holiday. I flew right at sunrise when the conditions were perfect with no wind. It was a great experience. The aircraft flew amazing, and I had a fantastic time.


Bryan Lee
REV owner

Reno, Nevada

My Customer's first reactions to seeing the new REVOs that just arrived: "these trikes are beautiful", "that wing looks so small" ...... After about 6 hours for both of them in their new Revo, the "shock" of super sensative control is "under control" for them. This "shock" is the same for those who also had learned in my stiffer Apollo Monsoon/Aeros Profi TL and then transitioned to the Wizard wing. The roll sensativity is amazing and the electric trim allows the full range of speed to be used practicly. One of my favorite wings is the Air Borne Wizard because it turns so easy, and these Rivals S wings SO FAR appear to be even lighter roll pressure. WOW.

Paul Hamilton
Author of FAA, WSC hand book, "Weather to Fly" DVD, Sport Pilot Test Prep supplies and CFI


I would say that the Revo is something of a pinnacle just now for what it sets out to be - a real ' monster trike' but with super light roll handling and super specification. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but you can't fail to be impressed, and I really enjoyed flying them and Larry's enthusiasm and obvious drive.

Paul Dewhurst
2 time Microlight WorldChampion, Vice-Chairman of the British Microlight Aircraft Association, test pilot, examiner, also the only person in microlighting history to have won an international gold medal in all 4 classic classes (solo & dual, fixed and flex-wing)

Washington, USA

After coming across an ad for the Revo, I went to the website and immediately became interested in this American built super trike. Although it looked amazing on the website I wondered if it was built as well as my recently purchased top of the line 912 trike. Having researched all the best trikes just a couple of years ago before purchasing what I felt was the best 912 trike on the market in terms of safety, quality, and service I was amazed when I saw the Revo's construction with the welded chrome moly frame, all of the machined parts, the huge back seat, and the over all look of this trike.

I was promptly contacted after requesting some more information on the Revo. After asking additional questions, I just had to fly from Seattle WA. across the country to Tampa FL. where I could see, feel and fly a Revo. I was picked up at the airport and even stayed right at the facility in an apartment they have for potential customers like me.

Let me tell you, this trike is the real deal. American built, that quite honestly blows away all other imports. The design and quality is second to none. I flew this awesome machine in mid day conditions. First I flew the Reflex 11 Competition and was really impressed with the responsiveness. One thing I had to watch was my airspeed I made a couple of turns and started seeing close to 100 MPH. I said to the instructor in the back I felt like I could get out of hand with this one. He said the 11 is more of a "pilots wing" and usually a person's second wing and he thought I would be fine with the 11 after doing as little as an hour transition training. But then I flew the Reflex 13 and fell in love. This wing made me feel so safe and not have to worry about over speeding the wing or anything. it was much easier to fly than my current wing and the bar was much easier to move as well. Without a doubt the 13 meter was the wing for me.

After I got to fly the Revo from the pilot seat it was time to go for a ride. We started off nice and easy where I was able to fully appreciate the head room the curved mast allowed, no banging my head on the mast. My legs rested on the body with full support and since I have really long legs, the pilot quickly removed the rear steering pegs without needing any tools so I could stretch my legs out. My arms actually had a place to go on the arm rests, which reminds me they also made a nice oh sh*# handles when the pilot demonstrated the high roll rate of the 11 meter wing to me. I wasn't scared, but it was just good to be able to hold on for comfort.

I just got back to Washington and am putting my 912 trike up for sale. The Revo has given me a reason to upgrade. I look forward to flying a longer flying season with very effective cabin heat in my new Revo. For all you trike junkies, and want to be trike junkies out there the Revo is THE TRIKE. If your looking to upgrade, purchase, or want a test flight in any kind of LSA, I highly recommend contacting Tampabay Aerosport, even if you just want to pick their brains for information. As I mentioned, I flew from Seattle to Tampa and I definitely got my money's worth.

Allen Ducatt
REVO Owner

Chicago, USA

Hello Larry,
The Revo is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I just hit 65 hours and the wind protection/cabin heat will keep me strong all Winter. My 1,400 foot grass strip has proved to be plenty of runway for this thing. The Reflex Sport Rocks. Life is Good.

Richard Lahood
REVO Owner

South America

Over the past decade I have trained, flown and owned trikes of different makes and models, including flagship models of English, French, Australian and South African manufactures. I own a DTA Voyageur II, not the least one I think. I never linked the USA to trikes. Last week at Sun n Fun I saw the REVO for the first time at a static display and later that afternoon flying (at the speed of a fixed wing airplane). It is a beauty, it's a beast, any other trike now seems fragile, old fashioned, mini, hard to handle and above all slow. 

The "naked" REV without the front strut (like my DTA) looks very robust and really good fun too. What machines!

Congratulations to the REVO team. DTA VII for sale haha.

Williem van Beek
Owner DTA Voyageur II


What Do I think of the REVO? Fully loaded they are unequaled. That's not where it ends though. The willingness, of the people behind the Revo, to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is incredible, their knowledge of the product is awesome and their hospitality, when we had the chance to visit recently, was amazing.

Bill Pilgrim
912 Trike Owner


Hello Larry

When I begin to think about Reflex 11 Competition i talk with many microlight pilot with more experience than me, and they say that was better to not buy that wing because for landing and take off need a lot space cause small suface and high speed.

So now i buy Reflex 11 Competition wing and i can say that is the most good wing that i fly right now.....Landing low speed stop in 50 meters, take off in 70 meters and rise about 6-7 m/sec....Also the experienced pilots say: for so small wing is not possible to take off and landing in so short space.......But now everyone are enthusiastic about Reflex 11 Competition wing ...With Reflex 11 Competition I find really good compromise.... If i want fly slow or fast and landing fast or slow, with Reflex 11 Competition is possible....Congratulations ... In the end i can just say: Reflex 11 Competition IS THE BEST WING TO FLY AT MOMENT AROUND WORLD............SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH......

Giuseppe Gibilisco


G'day Larry,

Just had the pleasure of finally seeing in the flesh 3 of your Revo's based at Latrobe Valley here in Australia. I must commend you and Abid on the design, quality and the finish of the Revo it is simply outstanding seeing one in the flesh. You certainly build by far the best quality trike in the world and it makes the Airborne XT look pretty basic compared to the Revo. I was taken back at the burnt Orange (Atomic Orange Edition) one you have sent here it looks pretty darn awesome and had me gob smacked. Very proffessional cockpit lay out and overall build quality of the machine. Credit where credit is due, the best trike(s) I have ever seen and the rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do. Well done all the Revo staff for a superb quality trike. Love one myself....


Alf Jessup
AirBorne owner

Lancaster, Ohio

Larry was waiting on me to arrive and gave me a complete run down on each trike that was in the hangar. I had been bitten by the trike bug but I was very picky and knew what I wanted in a trike. I had been watching the Revo develop over the past few years and really liked what I was seeing. Larry offered me a front seat intro flight in Zilla II (custom painted REVO)with a Reflex Competition 11 wing. Let me stop here. You can watch all the videos on the web you want. To truly appreciate the work Larry and his crew have done, you have to sit in one and hopefully fly one. The fit, finish, quality of construction, flight characteristics all live up to the hype. This is one amazing, robust, solidly built aircraft. It was an absolute joy to fly and the Revo filled all my requirements. The one sticking point for me is the price. A Revo cost more than my first house; however, in the world we live in today you get what you pay for. Compared to other trikes in the market, you get a lot more with the Revo for not a lot more money. Compared to other light sport aircraft on the market (and some GA aircraft for that matter), the Revo is priced lower than some other aircraft in the same market segment and the Revo is a whole lot more fun to fly. My wife says I can only have one airplane, so I guess it is time to sell my share of the A-36 Bonanza and order a Revo.

Mike Whitson
Private Pilot Bonanza

L.A., California

Every time I fly the Revo I notice again how well everything is done. It is great for training and just a great machine in every way. Well done!

Matt Liknaitzky
Competition aerobatic pilot Sport Pilot Examiner (Airplane, Glider, WSC)

Wisconsin, USA

Larry, I need to thank you for arranging for me to have my first flight on the Revo at Oshkosh. I have been flying trikes since 1979 and they have come such a long way. We are lucky to be able to fly such amazing craft today. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to fly many great trikes and wings over the years but this year at Oshkosh Wesley let me fly the Revo, with the Sport wing, from the backseat, fine by me as I used to instruct and the first thing I noticed was how ergonomic and comfortable the Revo was from the back. Your hard work designing the Revo will be appreciated by any professional instructor due to the fantastic ergonomics. I could easily read the Enigma from the backseat as well. Obviously people know the Revo is both fast and handles like a high end sports car. I felt as if I was driving a race car in a parking lot, It wants to jump the fence and let this horse run, but I think people would also like to know at between 55- 60 mph the motor just purrs along leisurely and the handling is light but not squirrelly, and the couple of stalls we did had no tendency to drop a wing with plenty of feedback prior to stall with gentle recovery and no surprises. The Revo handled the small grass strip at Oshkosh with ease as can be seen in Wesley's great video. Anyone seriously thinking of purchasing a trike, owes it to themselves to fly the Revo. I was most jealous of Wesley and his wife as I thought of the fun they would have getting to fly home to Florida! I am saving but I am going out to buy a lottery ticket tonight as I don't want to wait anymore for a Revo and I will fly mine home to Wisconsin from Florida!

Thank you,

John Glynn


I recently upgraded my wing on my Evolution REVO from the 13.5m Discovery to the new 12.4m Rival S. I am SO IMPRESSED with this wing that I want to share some of its VERY FINE QUALITIES. In my 2000+ hours of flying weight-shift aircraft as well as being a full time CFI, I’ve had the opportunity to fly MOST of the wings out there (Airbourne, Air Creation, Hazard, North Wing, P&M, etc) so I feel that I can compare the differences from one to another.

First, as everyone knows, the Rival S is FAST! Trim speed of 55 to 95 mph, VNE of 115! While speed is great when you want it, Its other qualities are equally, if not MORE IMPORTANT. Some of the other qualities that I enjoy most about this wing are:
***Very LIGHT HANDLING~~~This quality really makes flying in more turbulent air more enjoyable with
***Rate of climb~~~This smaller-faster wing I have found is actually OUT CLIMBING its bigger brother.
I fly from Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY) in the Colorado Springs area with a field elevation of almost
7000’. One of my biggest concerns was the ability to climb in our THIN AIR. This concern IS NOT an
issue with this wing.
***Slow flight~~~This wing can actually be SLOWED DOWN to fly with most of the other wings out there
without giving up any of its handling qualities. And when you do actually STALL the wing (which you
almost have to force) its stall is probably the MOST BENIGN of any wing I’ve ever flown!

***High Gross Weight~~~With a 1160 lb gross wing loading, you won’t have to “cut fuel” to stay below
gross. This wing is EXCEPTIONALLY BUILT!!!

I could go on and on about this wing as well as the CUSTOMER SUPPORT & KNOWLEDGE of Larry Mednick, but you get my points. This is "THE NICEST FLYING AND BEST ALL AROUND WING I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF FLYING”.

Tracy Tomlinson/CFI
REVO Owner


Larry, I must update you and Amy on my progress with the new REVO trike. For the first two weeks I flew everywhere I normally fly, but at higher speeds. Just because I can. What a riot! I join in the pattern at airplane speeds, back it down with the electric trim and touchdown soft and slow. I have had more than one plane comment “how fast does that thing cruise at?” My airplane friends at local airports love it. An unexpected surprise is how well the REVO with the RIVAL S wing flies SLOW. We experienced record floods in the valleys south of our area and I spent some time loitering over the flooded areas trimmed out to fly slow. I flew slow for over 2 hours. Wow. I wasn’t even the slightest bit tired, except for my smiling muscles. No muscling a fast wing around at low speeds. Just nice cruising and carving around taking photos. (I did remain high enough to glide to safe landing areas, never giving up my hang glider roots.) While getting to know this machine better I have had a blast playing with landings. For practice I have purposely have set up my landings 5 - 10 feet off the centerline of the runways. I make a safe speed approach and while bleeding off the speed at high angles of attack, a couple feet off the ground, I have never flown anything else that can maintain such great control at slower, safer, touchdown speeds. Very easy to land on the centerline, while in my past trikes you can at times feel most vulnerable right before touchdown. Sure comes in handy when conditions are more sporty. I do not plan on expanding my personal weather windows that I fly in but all this control and handling with it’s long legs for covering ground to get home when needed, will provide me with a greater margin of safety....and stronger smiling muscles. Thank you so much for creating the REVO and RIVAL S. You truly have exceeded expectations with this combination!


Colorado, USA

I have been flying since the mid 1970's, cut my flying eye teeth on hang gliders, and continued to fly them for 20 years.
Also during that time, flew some of the "early" ultralights, weight shift control, 2-axis, and 3-axis stuff. Have been flying ultralights, and homebuilts for the last couple of decades. And have loved all of it!

Recently, we got a chance to visit Tampa Bay Aerosport, and meet up with Larry Mednick.This fine gentleman took time to answer questions, (of which I had many) and go over his aircraft with a fine tooth comb.
We had met Larry at Oshkosh 2009, and got a chance to try on the Revo for "fit". We loved the roominess, and comfort. I must say, we were VERY impressed with the quality of the Revo even then, and could not wait to see it in it's element.

Larry put me in the front seat of the Revo, and we were off.
First off, let me say this trike handles like no other I have ever flown! I was flying around with one hand like it had power steering! And, this was at very fast airspeeds...we saw 113mph while playing around at one point!
You can zip around and turn on a dime, all with very light control pressures. It is, in one word-AMAZING!
And, on this cool December evening ...cabin heat that works! Man, what a great machine!
Also, I am a "bubba" pilot...6',1" tall, and 250lbs-and I was completely comfortable in the Revo cockpit.

I have to revisit the "quality thing" again.This trike just sets a whole new mark for quality.. in the construction, the comfort, the design ..I am confident that nothing can touch it in the current market.
And performance that is not only awesome, but you really do have to experience it to believe it.
After our flight, Larry took it out once more to show us it's performance, this time solo.
There was a short take-off, followed by a spectacular climb out which had us gasping in wonder ...I don't know what the climb rate was(!), but the climb ANGLE was incredible!
He then went around the pattern, and was simply hurtling on his downwind.When he landed, I asked him his airspeed on that downwind leg--answer, 123mph!
If you had told me a few years ago a trike would be designed that could fly THAT fast(and also slow!), and handle that great ...I would not have believed it.

Bottom line---is a REVO in our future?
You bet'cha!!!

Rick Bowen
REVO Owner

Alaska, USA

I purchased the Revo after an introduction to the folks at Evolution Trikes. This is my first trike. I have two other aircraft, one is certified and the other is a 4 seat, STOL hotrod. I was planing on ordering a popular high end European trike, the only thing left was to make the wire transfer. I was bummed out at the US/Euro exchange rate (It doesn't appear to be getting any better). I was due to fly through Florida and had a few days to spare so I thought I would cruise up and have a look.

What I found appealing was the stiffness of the carriage, especially evident when taxing through the grass/semi rough terrain, it has tundra tires and still cruises effortlessly. There is no flexing present, only the movement of the suspension. The wiring is also impeccable and built to aviation standards and materials. I am a tall guy 6'3" and found the ergonomics most appealing after having squished into several of the European trikes, I wouldn't have even considered buying any of them. Some of them had your knees outside the faring just sitting in them. I could imagine, the only thing worse than cold hands is having frozen knees as well.

We went for a test ride, it is different riding around in a recreational trike, the expectations are different. The Revo is of commercial aviation grade. The performance is stellar, the ride exhilarating and the stamina un-rivaled. Flying is a bug that is hard to satisfy. The Revo goes to the next level with speed and range that comes with comfort that isn't available any where else in the trike form. 300 miles/day in this thing is very realistic and the best part you won't be physically exhausted. The others have the endurance but with out the comfort. This thing will cruise all day long. When we were taxing out I was told that there was cabin heat (I thought cool trike but what's up with this guy on my back). I didn't say anything but stared at the wind shield while we waited for the oil temp to rise. On roll out the "cabin heat" became pronounced and I was shocked at the amount of heat and how effective the wind shield was. It is at least 15 degrees warmer. Fantastic job guys!

America discovered flight (Wilbur and Orville Wright), the world embraced it and the guys at Evolution Trikes have perfected the trike with the Revo.


Eric Tyson

Minnesota, USA

I used to think Air Creation had no rivals. I was wrong. Look out French trike builders, Revo's coming. That trike clearly sets the new standard. Workmanship I've never seen before in a trike.

Mark Overson


Revo - time to tell you what I think
Well, it has been past about 10 months since I had started to fly the Revo with the Reflex 11. Before that, I have flown for about 7 years with different types of trikes, about 800 hours of flight. This month I have accomplished 100 hours flight with the Revo. I was one of the first costumers who have purchased this trike. I was looking for 100hp trike with small wing, which would perform my targets:

Easy handling, sensitive and precise flying, fast, comfortable- and topless wing for quick folding.

I took a test flight with the newest trikes on the market. I also have discussed with pilots about their trikes, and read pilot test fly articles. Some of the trikes are easy handling, but slow. Some of them fast but flies like a truck on rails. One of them was with fantastic wing, but I didn't like the carriage. With the Revo I have found what I was looking for. The ultimate package. A tailor- made trike for me. Very, very easy handling, precise steering. Just what I need to fly fast at low altitude sport flying (we are not allowed to fly above 500 feet agl!).

In addition, high quality, carbon fiber carriage. Carriage that will stay with me for many years. I am from Israel. We didn't have a local dealer for the Revo when I bought it, and I was very concerned about the customer service. My fears where not justifiied. The support I received from Larry and Abid was remarkable. It was, when needed, given always in real time by Larry and Abid - including weekends and holidays. Customer service is important as much as the product, sometimes more, and this company has the highest level of the product and support.
Bottom line- I am very happy with my Revo. I think it is the best trike in the market today. Go and check it! I think you will agree with me.

Amit Heimann (Owner Revo 912S with Reflex Competition wing)


Well I just got done flying the Revo. One word review...WOW!

Full review: First this trike flies like no other. It is not an evolution in trike and wing design but a REVOLUTION. Every other trike, including my own very capable DeltaJet 912/ProfiTL, has now been relegated to also-ran status. When searching for a trike to purchase there are many choices, but all represent a relative static progression in design and innovation. Small details have set one trike apart from another, until now.

The world of trikes has forever been split in two. There is the Revo, and then there is everything else. Why such strong praise, simply, design, execution and delivery. From the front seat of the Revo the pilot is presented with a host of refinements and advancements not found on any other trike. Entry into the trike is effortless. The seats are purpose designed, not some compromise or adaption. Your feet rest on real pedals, not some bent steal rod. The front wheel has shock absorbing compression struts. Everything is CNC milled and fitted. The Revo speaks aircraft, not some conglomeration of bits from the parts bin. Three throttles, foot, panel and cruise give you options for power control. Simple things, like the choke and mag switches are right where you expect them to be. Even the rear steering system is beautiful. (It also makes the plane easy to maneuver in and about the hanger). Everything is a joy on the Revo. No compromises.

Then you blast down the runway, 100 Rotax horses pushing against your back… seconds later you leap into the air and begin a mad race into the sky. The only problem is that at an incredible rate of climb you will have to wait awhile for your friends to get to altitude with you. Regardless of how good it looks on the ground or how nice the parts fit together, it is those parts that must work in harmony to produce and deliver an extraordinary result. The Revo does not disappoint. Even though the body of the Revo is spectacular it would be nothing unless it was married to a superb wing. The Reflex 11 Competition, a tiny wing by traditional standards, makes the Revo come alive and makes your dreams of effortless flight a reality. It is light to the touch, responsive but predictable. One finger control, quick roll but precise in its entry and exit from turns. Pitch stability and solid handling combine to make this wing do whatever you want it to in a point and shoot dream. The only surprise is how easy it is to get into a flight configuration you should not be in. This plane with the Reflex 11 Competition wing will fly beyond its and your limits if you ask it. So just don’t ask it. Couple the wing with Evolution’s new in-flight electric trim and it is hands-off trim at any speed from 65 mph to 100 mph giving you the ability to cruise with your friend’s slower trikes without constant bar input. Landing is a breeze, easy approach with a landing that sticks as the big mains touch down and the suspension soaks up any impact in case of a less than perfect landing on the pilot’s part. The Revo is confident and sure-footed on the ground as it is in the air.

Quite simply, there is nothing not to like with the new Revo. As dramatic as the shift from biplane to mono or fabric covered to metal, the Revo is aptly named, it truly is a revolution in light-sport weight shift controlled flight.

The new Revo presents only one problem for me: What to do with my existing DeltaJet 912.

Sean Scott
Delta Jet 912 owner


A New Evolution Revolt Trike for The Old Guy

Why trikes, Why a New Evolution Revolt trike?

After a long layoff from any flying I found myself in my mid 60’s in good health with time and resources to fly again and a wonderful wife who was supportive.

But why Trikes? After spending a lot of time in the past few years at places like Oshkosh, Sun & Fun and other aviation events I found the passion again to fly and I realized that the Cessna 172 flying I had done 10 years ago was not what I wanted this time. While I have never flown Trikes, they were similar to Hang Gliders which I had flown in the 90’s albeit that was a few decades ago. Among all other Light Sport Aircraft, I looked at trikes are what finally won out my heart to take a closer look at. Low, slow, open cockpit, efficient, reliable and perhaps portable is what I wanted.

This decision was not without serious evaluation on my part and to make sure I had as much in-depth information as possible I enrolled and completed the Light Sport Repairman Maintenance course (Repairman Light Sport Aircraft) at Rainbow Aviation in Corning, CA. During this 15 day course I found what I needed to be sure I was asking the right questions and understand some of the daunting terms used in Light Sport (LS) aviation. Not to mention how to maintain Light Sport aircraft including mine and how to be darn sure you read and follow the manuals. Many Many thanks to Brian and Carol Carpenter.

Ok Trikes it is, but why the Evolution Revolt? I liked the Revolt’s rugged looks and off pavement appeal (I am kind of a Jeep guy), I liked the back seat separation, better visibility for passengers and no compression strut in front of pilot, fit and finish and durability of the Trike. I liked the options available on it, I especially like the “what if” engineering approach to the overall design. I am a big guy, I looked at other trikes but when I read the pilot weight rating in the manual on most of them I was a tad on the heavy side, but not in the Revolt and I can carry a heavy dude or gal in the backseat as well. I figured the 4 stroke Rotax 912 ULS on it was a no brainer (doesn’t mean it wont fail, even right out of the box) but there is nothing I have uncovered that could be more reliable. So Revolt with 912 it is.

But why a brand new designed Trike, the Revolt? Ok this one is easy, I watched Evolution and Larry Mednick closely over the past year and asked a lot of questions of different people, no one denied that Larry was one of the best at trike design and trike aeronautical understanding. I made several trips to Zephyrhills, FL., had demo flights in the Revolt and Revo and hung out in Larry’s way to learn how I thought his product would work for me and realized the Revolt was the right fit and concept I was looking for. On some trips I brought my wife Deb who is also a Hang Glider pilot and Larry and Amy treated us as Family and my wife loved the Demo flights. Bottom line I came to trust Larry, trust with my life.

Training with Evolution Trikes Larry Mednick is exactly what I needed. I had read the training manuals and watched the training videos, I recalled my Cessna 172 instructors and reflected on my Hang Gliding training. But this is a different type of aircraft, I trained with both Rick Fantuz and with Larry in the Revolt and the combination was incredible. Rick is smooth, thorough and reassuring and Larry really really drills in the basics to be a safe Trike Pilot. Considering your flying a High Drag, Low Mass aircraft this training is a must have for safe approaches especially in adverse conditions and I can’t imagine there are any better trike Instructors to teach this. So glad it was drilled in my head by Larry on final approach “Get it, Get it” and I hope it stays.

Final training and AC acceptance took about a week and a half. I completed my trike training, soloed, took my proficient check flight while and they completed a multitude of punch list items, some design changes, adjustment to the Revolt and one nagging Mag problem that Lockwood Aviation finally helped out and fixed. Needless to say there was stress at this time on everyone involved but no one let it get out of hand and we all worked through it. Larry always had a plan and it was kind of a team effort and in the end it gave me more confidence in the Evolution Trikes, Rotax, my training and especially my Revolt.

Many thanks to Phil, Amy and Larry Mednick. I love flying the Revolt so far and I know I have a lot learning ahead of me, but if they can get this old guy in the air with my deficiencies while keeping the wife happy they can do it for you. If your thinking about flying this might be your ticket. It is never too late…

Ken Sutz
REVOLT 912ULS owner


Ok. I got to fly the Revo today with both Sport and Competition wings.
First the Revo looks a lot better in person than in pictures. I was impressed yesterday with the Tanarg and it met exactly what I expected from the pictures I had seen. No small feet.

Well Revo looks better in person than the pictures. There are so many things you do not see or notice in pictures that you can appreciate in person. The inside of the composite is layered with carbon fiber cloth. The outside finish is just like a brand new shiny car you will get at showrooms. There is billet cnc stuff laid at every corner. The paint is not dull. There are no pin stripes, nogel coat. The cockpit is laid out extremely nicely and you can stand on the honeycomb/foam floor covered with rubber to get in and out. What a concept. They let me hold one of those honeycomb foam cutouts they use to make the floor. It was barely 0.25 kg. There was an a Copper colored Orange trike being assembled and I though that was pretty striking color.

The first wing we flew was the Sport. This is the first time I was flying a topless wing. You can tell a bit of a difference in taxi with the topless wing as the struts weight is in front of CG. The ride was softer on taxi than my trike and that of Tanarg or XT. They all seem to have stiffer suspension. The take off technique I was told was the usual I used anyway so off we went, about 100 meters roll and climbout at 73 mph at 5.5 m/s. I got to around 500 meters and turned left and noticed that the roll pressure was probably about 55% of what I experienced with the Tanarg IXcess yesterday. I did a few more 45 degree bank turns to confirm my feeling and then went square. With some instruction I pushed the trim switch and went to the fastest trim speed of around 86 mph at around 4800 rpm. Pretty nice. Slowest I could get via trim was 52 mph and the aircraft responded well in roll except the roll rate was slower as expected. Stall was just a bit of a mush and slight break and quick recovery. Glide seemed to be a whole lot better than what I am flying right now (basically a Quantum). I don't know exactly what it was but it seemed to be similar to IXcess 15.

I approached a bit fast at 75 mph so ended up floating near the ground before touchdown. I think the brakes on Tanarg may be a bit more effective although these were smooth and nice as well. I suspect about 110 meters to a full stop.

Then we headed back and changed the wing to the Competition wing. I got to see that and its pretty interesting how the front the hinges at the center. Nice trick. In about 25 minutes we headed back to fly again with me in the front seat.
(Evolution Trikes Note: You can now see a video of the lowering and raising the wing at our Gallery link)

Well, this wing is about as different from the Sport wing as the Sport wing was from the Tanarg/IXcess. The takeoff roll was definitely more (probably 30 percent) but I had a grin on my face as soon as it was up and I gave it its first input. The climb rate is really not much different than the Sport. But the bumps simply get cut through. Its like going flying in a Cessna 152 in some bumps, coming down and going back up in a RV-7. I can see how this wing can lend itself to this video. The roll response is more like an airplane where you put the stick to one side and it responds now. Very nice for a trike to do that. I tried fast trim. Got 96 mph and the roll was quite immediate at that speed. As soon as you started the turn, you had to think about stopping it because you would be at 45 degrees already. I had a lot of fun with that. Tried some slow 56 mph trim flight. Roll pressures remained light though roll rate slowed. But I am in love with this thing. If the darn price was not what it was, I would have ordered it today. I got to sell my trike first though.
I think that Competition wing is what I will want with that nice Copper color.

Pegasus owner