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E-Props offers the Lightest most efficient Fixed pitch and constant speed props available

Carbon Fiber E-Props are simply the Smoothest Propellers money can buy!  Among other benefits, this makes start up and shut down on the 9 Series Rotax engines smooth and easy on the gear box reducing gear box maintenance and saving sprague clutches. Thrust is increased down low due to the prop allowing higher climb out RPM without "out running" the pitch at top speed. This allows better climb, faster cruise and better economy!

Durability. Titanium leading edges will allow rain operation and the paint free, natural carbon fiber finish blades will never need to be repainted.

With FREE SHIPPING and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, we are confident you will be Amazed by the Smoothness and Performance of these 100% Carbon Fiber Propellers.

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Why Evolution Aircraft Switched to E-Props

The Lightest
Ground Adjustable
68" Prop at
ONLY 4.6 lbs!

"I replaced a 3 blade Sensenich with an e-prop on a Sportcruiser and noticed improvement across the board. It weighs less than half that of the Sensenich and improved take off distance, added an additional 200 fpm climb rate, and increased my cruise speed from 95 kts to 110 kts."

"Hey Larry, prop is great on my Technam Astore. It’s pitched right. Only lost 1-3 knots in cruise versus the old prop, but gained about 50% in climb performance and takeoff performance (from 32 Minutes to 12,500 feet to 22 minutes!) and it’s about 300% smoother on startup and shutdown."

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Ground Adjustable Fixed Pitch with ESR

Take-Off : Engine Full Throttle 5400 RPM

Max speed 200 km/h : engine full throttle 5500 RPM
In this case, the gap between 0 km/h and 200 km/h is only 100 RPM.
For comparison purposes, a standard propeller (not ESR) can have a gap up to 1000 RPM between take-off and max cruise speed.

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2017 Interview: Larry Mednick Talks with Dan Johnson about these Amazing Ultra-Smooth props. Learn why REVO and others are switching to the 100% Carbon Fiber EXCALIBUR from E-Props.

Dozens or other models available for almost ALL light sport aircraft

E-Props The Worlds Lightest Constant Speed Prop!

Pricing on Popular Props:

3 Blade V20 prop    $1850

4 Blade V20 prop    $2500

5 Blade V20 prop    $3100

3 Blade Constant speed.   $8000

Shipping    FREE

Pricing on Accessories:

Spinner up to 10.5"    $425

Spinner up to 12.5".   $485

Spinner up to 15".   $650

Protractor.   $65

Shipping    FREE

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