Revo – Light Sport Aircraft


  • Seating: 2, tandem
  • 600 pounds (272 kg)
  • Length: 107 inches (2.7 meters) (carriage)
  • Height: 98 inches (2.48 meters) (approx)
  • Speed 60mph - 100mph
  • Fuel : 14.4 US Gallons

Starting Price: $99,900

Better Handling, Easy Operation

The REVO has options to make it fly exactly the way you want it to. Want to fly fast? Touch a switch, want to fly slow flip the switch again. Want to fly perfectly straight? Just hit the roll trim during flight. Want the wing super responsive? Turn a knob.

Want the ultimate in stability? Twist the knob the other way. “ Back in the day, making a wing fly the speed you wanted straight and true with the handling you wanted was a black art. Now anybody can get what they want without being an expert wing tuner using the electric trim and damping options available only on the REVO”.

REVO is constantly evolving. New design features continue to not only improve the REVO, but improve the sport of triking. All upgrades are compatible with the very first REVO ever made allowing all owners to reap the rewards of The relentless R+D team.


Designed for Pilots Wanting No Compromises

  • Commercial quality construction
  • Extremely light and stable handling wings
  • Near still air wind protection even at high speed
  • Fully trimable in flight making every flight perfect
  • Extremely quick and knowledgeable customer service
  • In stock parts in the USA ready for overnight shipping

Take a 360 degree look 

  • Infused carbon fiber
  • CNC components 
  • Electric trim tabs on wheel pants
  • Synthetic Vision glass panel
  • Real aircraft tires, wheels and brakes
  • Built in safety parachute


  • Natural finish
  • Super strong
  • Extremely durable finish
  • Ultra light weight
  • Exotic look


Sometimes it's the little details that make a product superior. Unfortunately so many people shopping for a trike don't really even know what questions to ask ... The Revo looks the part of the ultimate trike to the average person, but what makes the Revo truly better? Below is an extensive list of many important points to be considered.


5 year unlimited warranty on the main frame
1 year full warranty on everything manufactured by Evolution trikes (wing, body, exhaust, wiring, radiators, brakes etc.)
Full Rotax Warranty from Rotax on the motor
Full 3-year warranty from MGL on the EFIS
Technical support via e-mail or phone, 7 days a week with fastest response times in the industry.
We offer same day shipping on most common replacement parts and stock an inventory of parts
In house powder coating usually allows next day shipping on special color parts.


  • Fully welded 4130 chromoly frame with safety cables inside (not bolt together aluminum)
  • All welded components are heat treated for stress relief in computerized ovens
  • Special heavy duty leading edges in the wing, 30% stronger than others
  • First in the industry to use a 1/2" Jesus bolt (not a little 3/8" or 10 mm) which connects the wing to the carriage
  • All AN certified aircraft hardware on both the wing and the carriage itself. No metric un-certified bolts so getting aircraft grade hardware is simpler
  • 3/4" hardened 4130 aircraft grade steel axles (not 5/8" steel)
  • Heavy duty 3 piece spun aluminum wheels (not light duty 1 piece)
  • Optional carbon fiber body. 50% lighter and several times stronger than fiberglass
  • Over 20 CNC machine cut, billet aluminum parts to construct the remainder of the components on the frame.

Both the frame and the front steering forks have large ball bearings in them which means no wear on anything other than a replaceable bearing and extremely free moving steering with no slop.

Triple tree design used widely from dirt bikes to Harley Davidson motorcycles make up the front forks of the Revo. There is a reason nearly all motorcycles use this simple, strong, refined, design.

The junction that attaches the mast or pylon to the solid Revo frame is a large robust CNC structure. This structure starts out it's life as a 22 pound chunk of T6 aluminum and gets machined down to just over 5 pounds.

It uses a large 1/2" bolt to secure the bottom where it pivots for lowering the wing and then uses a fully adjustable cam lock at the top to securely anchor the mast to the frame as if it were one piece. This is a very strong, slop free connection giving the benefit of making the mast feel as if it were part of the one piece Revo frame.

The Revo leads the trike industry in electrical wiring, using real Tefzel wire (aircraft wire) and things usually only found on certified aircraft like the keyed ignition containing the mags, a ground seeking master solenoid, and circuit breakers for all components.
Stainless 321 heavy wall dual exhaust with quad chambers. This system is quiet with a deep throaty sound. Being stainless (instead of steel which can rust) it will look great for a long time.
Optional Sensenich 2-blade propeller is a "real prop" it is rated for up to 160 HP and uses a CNC hub that allows the pitch to adjusted by simply turning one of the blades and watching the dial on the hub display the pitch. This uses drive lugs instead of relying on the bolts to take the sheer and uses the large bolt pattern for maximum strength.

No safety wire needed with special Nord-loc washers and hardware. Carbon fiber composite blade construction with inlayed nickel leading edges make this prop extremely durable. 2 blades allow the wing to be folded free and clear of the propeller when in the sideways position, and also allow the prop blades to "hide" in the slip stream of the trike while gliding with the engine off and the prop in the up-down position.


The Revo has been engineered, tested to ASTM design standard compliance and all components are of the highest quality.

Because of the moto-cross front fork design, in the event of a hard landing the front end is likely not to fold up which is the leading cause of "balling up a trike"
With the optional carbon fiber construction, the body of the Revo actually becomes a protective shield around the pilot's legs.

Due to the higher wing loading (smaller wing) the Revo is actually easier to fly and more importantly less effected by the wind both in the air, and on the ground. This makes it safer in the event a pilot encounters adverse weather while flying.

Because the Reflex wings have short wing struts, they are stronger under negative loads.
The Revo uses Real Certified Aircraft seat belts with recoil shoulder harness. Since the Revo is a real aircraft, we felt automotive seat belts were not appropriate.

The engine kill is part of the keyed ignition on the Revo, and just like a certified aircraft when the key is turned clockwise the Revo starts, and when turned counter-clockwise the engine shuts down. Multiple serious accidents have derived from a "run-away" trike that was started with one of the throttle controls open. These trikes remained running long enough to, in some cases, allow the trike to take off unintentionally. The reason these trikes were not shut down more rapidly is that the mags (engine kill) were in a different location than the key or push-button to start the trike.

In some cases the mags are located to the side of the pilot and start button located on the instrument panel making the reaction time too long in a real emergency. It is a natural reaction to turn the key the other way if the aircraft starts up with wide open throttle. With the Revo that intuitive reaction will stop the engine instantly.
Largely criticized by some that the Revo is "Over built" and should be more minimal. Our take on that is because the Revo's efficiency, ultra light handling, and 1040 pound gross weight the wing is designed for, the extra 25 pounds that we could have shaved off to save weight have been left on for added longevity and strength.

We find that many trikes are wearing out after less than a decade of heavy use. We wanted to make a trike for life, just like Cessna. We expect our Revos will still be flying in 30 years with proper maintenance. As a result many of the ASTM strength requirements have been far exceeded.





Incredible roll rate

100+ MPH Speeds

Wide speed range 

Excellent stability


Due to the high efficiency of the clean aerodynamics and the low twist wing (see wings page) the Revo feels the part of a very small light weight trike once in the air.
Roll rate is the speed in which the trike has the ability to roll in and out of the bank. The Reflex Competition has one of the fastest roll rates on the market. High roll rate means the pilot makes small inputs to achieve the bank angle desired. When flying in turbulence it means lowering a wing that has been bumped up happens easily and effectively.
Light roll pressure.

This is the one thing that cannot be over-looked. If a trike is heavy in roll there is no benefit other than something that is generally not fun to fly and wears out the pilot's arms. Many trike pilots, even experienced ones, confuse heavy handling with perceived stability.

While this can be true in certain limited flying conditions, modern wing design can now provide true stability in the flexwing without the need for heavy control pressures that unnecessarily fatigue the pilot.. No one wants to do recreational flying in a Mac truck.


Our trike uses a unique 1.95 degree offset thrust line which makes our trike climb out and track straight at even wide open throttle. Other 912 series trikes fly with their right wing dropped to compensate for the nose yawing to the left.

The carriage leans to the right also as power is added. Besides the obvious inefficiency, many passengers report feeling like they are going to fall out the right side of the trike.

Our 912S Revo with the Reflex 11 wing typically climbs at 1400 FPM 1 up and 1000 FPM 2 up.

Our carriage was designed to become more stable in yaw the faster it travels. Some carriages do the opposite and need to be limited to slower wings. Due to our angled wheel spats, they are effective 100% of the time in flight. Where as straight wheel spats only become effective when the trike is no longer tracking straight, our wheel pants are working while the trike is tracking straight.

All wheel hydraulic disc brakes. while others use only a nose wheel brake or optional rear wheel brakes, the Revo is Equipped with the high quality aircraft braking system on every wheel.


Quick Adjust Pedals

They have infinite adjustment fore and aft and 3 positions for angle. Because so many short pilots cannot reach full throttle and so many tall pilots cannot stay off the brakes, the fully adjustable pedals will accommodate just about everyone. No need to unscrew things and reassemble to reconfigure the pedals. In just seconds the pedals can be moved without the use of tools.


Optional Built In BRS

The deployment Rocket is clear to fire of the wheel pant and prop (unlike brand X) and the handle is easily accessible from both seats. The handle is also nearly impossible to accidentally trip over when getting in and out of the trike
Optional Enigma color display has an aviation GPS that will not only navigate you with ease, but will find the nearest airport in the event of needing to get down right away and will even switch the frequency on your radio to the airport with the touch of a button.


More Standard Features

The electric fuel pump will aid in the engine firing up right away after it has sat for a week. Also this can be a real safety feature since fuel blockage is a leading cause of engine outs and an electric fuel pump can force fuel to the engine that otherwise may not make it when depending on just the mechanical Rotax fuel pump.

The oil thermostat will allow the Revo to warm up in a fraction of the time and keep it running at optimal temperatures during flight, especially in cold climates.


Special Folding Compression Strut

This is the front strut that normally needs to be removed to lower the wing to the ground for transport. Our strut stays connected which keeps it from scratching the paint and works as a self locking mechanism when the wing is raised making it a one person operation to set up and break down the wing.

Strut braced wing allows the wing to simply be folded while on the trike without lowering the wing. this works great for overnight stays outside where wind will no longer be an issue even without needing to tie down the Revo.

Parking brake is easy enough to use that it gets used every time the pilot gets out of the trike.

By simply applying the brake and turning an easy to reach lever the park brake is set. (others need the brake pedal jammed with a physical stop which is not easy to reach your feet when you are in the trike.)



The Revo has the most suspension of any trike on the market today. While other trikes taxi around with their suspension sprung out at the top of it's travel, the Revo floats within it's huge suspension range like a moto-cross bike.

Having 3 stage dampening in it's telescopic front forks that have over 3" of travel, making it glide over fairly rough terrain. The rear suspension has over 8" of travel and uses the same technology as most fixed gear airplanes like Cessna which is a tried and proven spring leaf gear.

Optional in flight electric trim allows the Revo over a 45 MPH hands off speed range with an additional 20 MPH with light force on the bar beyond the max trim settings. While other brands have adopted using cables on top of the wing which is about as state of the art as the steam engine, other new modern topless designs have gone to bungee cords and cranks which spring the control bar forward to achieve slow flight. The bungee cord is stretching and pulling whenever the pilot pulls the bar in.

The Revo uses a sliding hang block assembly actuated by an electric linear actuator, which trims the wing exactly the same as all of the above systems do supplementary from the ground. By moving the hang point the wing is flying in its different trim speeds using the pitch stability of the wing and the pilot feels nothing other than the wing's natural static pitch force while in flight.

The other big advantage is the trim system is fully adjustable and customizable. With sliding lock collars the fore and aft limits can be set and the trim system will "throw" from .1" all the way up to 4" of travel. Also the system removes with one quick pin and a small electrical connector.



  • Extra tall seat backrest
  • Control bar height is very low. This keeps the pilot's hands below their heart and keeps good circulation to the hands on long X-country flights. You don't want your heart having to pump the blood up to your hands
  • Extra deep back seat for extra room
  • No seat frame cutting into passenger's thighs
  • Curved mast allowing the passenger to sit back in their seat without hitting their head
  • Optional arm rests for additional sense of security and place for passenger's hands.
  • Easy to reach cruise throttle on instrument panel will not slip! with it's long travel the precise RPM setting can be dialed in and will not move during the duration of the flight.

When equipped with rear steering pedals for training tall passengers have a tendency to have to bend their knees due to the pedals being too close. This in turn causes the passengers legs to interfere with the flight controls. The Revo's rear steering pedals remove in seconds without the use of any tools and stowed easily in the glove box under the rear seat.

Tall wind screen provide complete wind protection for the pilot and frontal wind protection for the passenger even at over 100 MPH. The wider body with spoilers molded in do an excellent job of creating a still air pocket around the pilot.

Because the distance from the windshield to the pilot is very close the effectiveness is maximized. There simply isn't better wind protection available in the industry
Special features:

The optional paint allows the customer to make their Revo unique. Right at the factory the Revo can receive one of over 10,000 colors making it a one of a kind trike. With hundreds of frame colors to accent the body, the color possibilities are endless.
Stand on floor board. Makes getting in and out a snap. Works great for inspecting the inside of the wing and hang block area without needing to stand on the seat or use a ladder during pre-flight