REV – Ultralight Aircraft


  • Cruise 45 MPH
  • Stall 26 MPH
  • Takeoff distance 130 feet
  • Top Speed 58 MPH
  • VNE 62 MPH
  • Rate of climb 500 FPM


Starting Price: $19,900


On the Lighter Side of Things...
The REV is a rugged STOL single seat trike with 3 unique features

  1. There is no front strut
  2. It has all wheel suspension
  3. It folds onto a specific trike dolly cart for set up and storage in under 10 minutes.

"The DIRTBIKE of the SKY"

If the REVO is considered the flying Sport Bike of the Sky. Then undoubtedly, the REV is the flying Dirtbike of the sky. And like a dirtbike no license is required*. Big tires, all wheel suspension and STOL** performance allow the REV to explore new possibilities. Perfect for keeping in the garage and flying off of a few acres. Ideal for trailering the REV to remote sites without any real runway for Epic adventures.

*No license required in the United States **Short Take Off and Landing


Forget everything you know about how a traditional trike folds

  1. Disconnect throttle and electrical
  2. Install the Special dolly cart 
  3. Remove the front end
  4. Lower the cart 
  5. Fold the wing back

Reverse steps to set up


The suspension comes from 4 "flex rods". The entire front end is a swing arm giving the nose wheel equal travel. The entire front end disconnects and "unplugs" to fold the trike in lieu of a folding mast. In its folded form the rear wheels lift off the ground creating a counterbalance effect making the wing effortless to bring up and down.



Serious Stopping Power

Real STOL Aircraft brakes with dual calipers and 4 brake pads!

  1. CNC T6 Calliper
  2. Matco Master Cylinder
  3. Vented Rotor
  4. 3/4" Chrome moly Axle