REV Dimensions & Specs


Seating: 1
Empty Weight: 251lbs
Gross Weight: 600lbs
Wingspan: 31.5 feet
Length: 100” 82 75 (carriage)
Height: 82”
Trike width 75”
Trike wheel track 63”
Wing Area: 15 square meters
Fuel : 5 US. Gallons


Engine: Polini THOR 250 Dual Spark (More Info)
Power: 36.5 hp 2-stroke
Gross weight: 600lbs
Hands Off Trim Cruise Speed 43MPH
Never Exceed Speed (Vne): 58 MPH
Max. Straight and Level Speed (Vh):55 MPH
Stall Speed at gross weight (sea level):27 MPH
Rate Of Climb: 500 FPM
Takeoff Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle: 340’
Landing Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle : 520’
Descent Rate: 360 FPM
Glide Ratio: 8.2:1
Maximum Endurance:2.5 hours
Ultimate Strength: +6g, -3g
Maneuverable Loading: +4g, -0g