Revolt | Evolution Trikes


  • Cruise -- 45-80 MPH
  • Stall -- 33 MPH
  • Takeoff distance --- 180 feet
  • Top Speed -- 90 MPH
  • VNE -- 100 MPH
  • Rate of climb -- 1200 FPM

Starting Price: $39,900

REVOLT PRICING | Rotax 582 (65-hp) $39,900 | Rotax 912 UL (80-hp) $49,900 | Rotax 912 ULS (100-hp) $52,500


The RevoLT is a purpose-built open air STOL trike. It is a new concept to the trike industry with its central mast design. The design increases structural strength and eliminates the need for a front strut, giving the pilot an unobstructed view. The RevoLT is at home at the local airport or kept in a trailer folded up. Because this aircraft also folds in under 10 minutes and needs only a few hundred feet of unobstructed, level ground to takeoff and land, airports are VERY OPTIONAL.

Designed for Pilots Wanting No Compromises

  • Commercial quality construction
  • Super short takeoff and landing
  • Best seating available
  • Unobstructed view for pilot and passenger
  • Extremely quick and knowledgeable customer service
  • In stock parts in the USA ready for overnight shipping

Dan Johnson Interview

with Larry Mednick  

A closer look at the All New REVOLT with many questions answered. 



Visibility is second to none with an unobstructed view for the front AND rear seat. Thanks to no front strut and stadium style seating, the pilot in the front seat is well below the line of sight of the rear occupant. The gauges are also positioned between the pilot's legs to remove them from the pilots sight picture while looking forward.

The RevoLT provides a very cost-effective and a safe approach to two-seat flying in the recreational aviation market for those who like to fly low and slow, with a choice of very docile wings. It’s a great way for anyone to get started flying a two-place trike without the high cost hurdles of more complex sport aircraft.

The RevoLT comes standard with no front strut, an 18.7 gallon fuel tank, 22” tires, FOX gas charged shocks, MGL Xtreme color EFIS, dual caliper hydraulic brakes, EarthX lithium aircraft battery, stainless steel exhaust and brake lines, and a 15-meter single surface wing.

Available options include the Rival X 14-meter double surface wing, electric in-flight speed trim, instructor package, BRS parachute, MGL V6 radio, low inertia E-Props (4 or 6 blade) and LED lighting.


  • CNC triple trees
  • 4130 fork tubes
  • CNC foot pedals
  • Fully adjustable pedal slides
  • Steering damper


  • Dual caliper Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • CNC axle carriers
  • 3/4" 4130 axles
  • Real 22" Aircraft tires


  • Available 100 HP Rotax 912ULS
  • Stainless steel Exhaust
  • CNC Dynafocal motor mount
  • Offset thrust line
  • Oversized radiators
  • Available 6 blade Excalibur prop



             HOW DOES IT FOLD?